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    Lynne Moody
    Olivia Cole
    Ronny Cox
    Paul Benjamin
    Ray Sharkey
    Richard Pryor
    Margot Kidder

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In 1942, a Nazi officer named Johann Schmidt is bent on stealing an ancient artifact with ties to Norse mythology.. helicopters destroyed also. Plus there are some fairly violent scenes.. Some Kind of Hero (1982) | War Movie Reviews and News | War Movie BlogOn his first day out on patrol in Vietnam, Corporal Eddie Keller (Richard Pryor) is taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese. The Geekery Online How the Captain America Movie Did Not Suck. The acting in this was top notch. Much Eboue About Nothing | Arseblog News the one stop Arsenal. The Very Best (and Worst) Superhero Movie Costumes - YOUNG HOLLYWOODThe costume designers who worked on Cap;s suit for the 2011 reboot of everyone;s favorite star-spangled hero did an excellent job of blending the traditional superhero mythos with 1940;s-style army gear. He fails to save his childhood sweetheart from a fiery death, lets Harvey Dent get his face CGIed off, can;t protect the mob witness, gets his secret identity uncovered by a nerdy accountant. Some Kind of Hero 1982 Watch Online Megavideo Links. My biggest concern was that they would turn the character of Steve Rogers into some kind of sardonic, muscle drunk, douchebag and completely ruin the things that make the character of Captain America so compelling to me personally.. Not in the sense that I have any problem with cheering for the forces of good in a never ending battle against the forces of evil; it;s that Superhero comics, in general, focus more on. ClubAnybody who spends five years on a project like this automatically established himself as some kind of hero, or at least a martyr, to the cause of nonfiction film as muckraking tool and historical document.. Some Kind of Hero (1982) | Watch Movies Online Free, Full. Ford | Other Shows | TV Club | TV | The A.V. except campbell is dying on the day the movie takes place,. I am not really a fan of super heroes. A good movie Kill the Irishmani dont remember the particulars but when i was growing up he was talked about as almost some kind of hero by a lot of my friends….caused some fights on occasion between us too.. PS: Though this is a super hero movie I don;t know that it is a kid;s movie

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